Well today was interesting to say the least, Unlike yesterday that went pretty smooth...NOT, Todays adventure begins with a guy who says he is driving to our store from the other side of FT WORTH about 20 miles because his gift card balance was 2.00 short. Then on to the next thing which was facing up the velveeta cheese display which I try to do everyday I tried to face the damn thing 3 times everytime I touched it another call. I was called 36 times today between intercom and phone in a 11 hour shift. One person I met today said she was having trouble getting along with someone in her department, she just couldnt believe this person just didnt like her. When someone tells you to get away from them I think even I can figure it out. Oh I shouldnt forget that I dominated Justin at putt putt ha ha but he thinks he can take me at regular golf we shall see we shall see. Today I wanted to run out into the middle of the street and stand there for a few minutes to get some peace and quiet.


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