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OOPS forgot to post the letter ...

I was at the location in hurst texas on precinct line road next to super wal-mart at 7 p.m. tonight and it took 40 minutes for me to recieve my order, on top of that the manager on duty told me that it wasnt his fault he only had 4 people working. The guy in the back was laughing the whole time I was talking to the lead in charge and when I got the order I discovered half of it was missing and didnt even get rang up. No one bothered to tell me how long it would take to get my order, nor was any effort made on my behalf for the 1.5 hours I spent at your location trying to get something to eat. Chris and Chris G. were two of the clerks that were working when I walked up to the counter to check on my order at 41 minutes he said that he did ring up the two taco salads and that it was bullshit. He didnt notice me standing there because he was talking to the other chris. By the time they got my order finished half of it was already cold. The only hot food I received was the 2 chicken taco salads that they made to replace the ones that never even got rang up when I ordered. I havent been to a taco cabana in a couple of years, but I promise you I NEVER will go again, If you gave me free tacos for life I swear to you I would never set foot in your ungrateful poorly managed stores again. If this is the service on a slow sunday night,Good luck when its busy. Its one thing to mess up an order but to LAUGH in my face thats disrespect for me and my family. Code of ethics and conduct pure lipservice. I will tell every person I know of my treatment at your store tonight, surprisingly enough I wasnt the only customer disrepected. Do not even bother to respond! from here on out I expect NOTHING FROM TACO CABANA WHICH IS WHAT 30 DOLLARS GOT ME TODAY.
Michael Grady and family


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