Well another day goes by I got to sit in a meeting all day, now dont get me wrong its very informative but I have a problem sitting still that long. The fajitas for lunch were rather tasty though. We had a lengthy discussion today about entitlement vs. merit now thats something im interested in!! In our business entitlement runs rampant. Over the years of hiring shortages out of desperation we created a culture of people who think that they are owed something by default, on the other hand we have to run around and figure out a way to encourage and support people who do an awesome job and are self motivated for less money, work around people who sit on their *** and complain about everyone else and that they might be doing more work than the next one. Heres an exercise for you at your job, pick 5 people who deserve more based on merit and pick 5 people who think they are entitled, now which group leaving would improve your organization? Who would reach the bar quicker if you raised it. Most in the entitlement group would never reach it so to improve your organization why would you not try to raise it? enough politics for the day muse on this for a minute

I find West Nile disease to be very suspicious. It made it all the way to Dallas, but it only made it to one side of the Nile?
Think about it...Otherwise, they'd call it "Nile Disease."


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