Hey everyone hows it been going... Im not doing much but I am thinking about Podcasting. I think I can come up with some interesting stuff to talk about as much ridiculous shit that happens to me everyday or that I see. My favorite podcast is TWIT-- this week in tech) Its with the guys from tech tv screensavers that I used to watch daily. If it is cool they talk about it. Leo also does a podcast of his radio show at kfi am in L.A every weekend. If you dont know what the hell is going on in tech then this is the show for you. I got a new logitech freedom wireless joystick for my computer the other day. I dont have it configured right everytime I jump into a plane or chopper I take a nose dive right into the dirt.... Sarah welcome back from Pakistan sorry it was boring maybe next time, It was probably not that boring there just isnt anyone over there as cool as me. Man Ill be glad when payday gets here I want a new mouse, this computer is getting pretty bad to the bone. Click on the napoleon dynamite link on my front page if you havent seen the movie rent it now its stupid as hell thats why its so funny. Also rent season 2 of dave chappelle show thats one of the funniest shows Ive seen in forever. Till next time.......


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