Well now Im on night crew this week which just for the fact that you dont get called 1000000000 times a day is a good thing. Its alot more productive you actually feel like you have time to get something accomplished. I worked frozen food most of the night and was wondering the whole time why the frozen guy doesnt just work the stuff so his freezer will be empty and then he would have an easy job. Instead he likes to tell me everything is worked...when its not. displays are done....when they arent.....truck is finished....when its not and then come to me an bitch because he should have help like all the rest of the departments. Im justified to bitch because I worked the backstock with j.r. and it all went out except quantities.. oh yea I filled the specials... not. The freezer is a place no one likes to go.. when you open the door you are in for some adventure first you have to fight your way past the door, then you climb over carts full of old ad everywhere, you have to take a buddy in with you if not you might get caught somewhere inside and freeze to death and die trying to get back out thru the maze. If you journey into the freezer you should take flares a parka, a compass flashlight and some spare rope or you might not make it.
In other night related news Its painfully obvious now that we are doing case count who is not doing their share of the work,, the more we do it the more these same people are going to feel the pressure of the people working around them Nobody wants to come to work everynight and carry the load of a slackers that make more money than they do. If you make top pay you are obligated by the fact that you are paid a PROFESSIONAL wage. Think about it for a second your getting paid to put cans on a shelf for 50 cases per hour! That standard for more than 10 dollars an hour is a Joke! Do you realize thats more money than the garbage man makes...the guy that loads 300 cases an hour on a pallet at the warehouse all day only makes about 9.50....a manager at a fast food place 10.00 an hour if they dont work overtime...Their are tons of jobs that make less that are hard yet we have people that we tolerate that dont even have enough self respect to put in a decent days work, on top of that they are offended that you have the nerve to question what they are doing. and say management doesnt care about me... poor me..im so mistreated.. well thats a big ol pile of steaming bullshit, get off your ass and do something for a change or are you going to continue to coast through life not accomplishing a damn thing winding up 60 years old stocking and letting everyone around you carry your slow ass.. Better yet dont do anything that just makes it easier for everyone else to get to the top, their is just more of you to step on to get there.

Wow thats pretty salty but Im running into more and more of these people everyday and there is no end in site.
On the other hand there are alot of people I work with everyday that do a great job and have to fight through dealing with these other fine co workers also. I guess its not like it was in the old days. Back then if you worked with someone that sucked you trained them how to do it right but after that it was your responsibility to do it right and if you didnt then it took about 5 minutes before everyone would personally stop by to chat and say that you suck and im not doing your shit. Amazingly enough that fixed it or you probably wouldnt see them again. because when they realize they dont add value to anyones life they tend to want to go somewhere that they fit in
When youve got your shit together... People that screw off are usually not welcome. Its when your stuff is FUBAR that they fit right in comfortably.



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