Ma Deuce Gunner: "Just Try It, We Triple-Dog Dare You....

(HAT TIP: Patrick Al-Kafir)

Britain has got something genius. They have their hunters out.

'The covert armed units are under orders to shoot to kill if surveillance suggests that a terror suspect is carrying a bomb and he refuses to surrender if challenged.'

I think this is great. Anyone seen the movie 'After the Sunset'? In it, Pierce Brosnan's character, a retired jewel thief, trying to rid himself of the urge to steal the last Napoleon Diamond, tells the FBI Agent tracking him exactly how he would do it, therefore negating his chances of success. This, I believe, is the other side of the coin, in my sometimes disjointed thinking. Instead of the bad guy telling the good guy what they are doing, the Brits are saying this to the terrorists:

'We have a pretty good idea who you are, you buggers. We are watching you. Actually, you may or may not be in a set of crosshairs right now. So, you splodeydoper, walk the line, and make NO uncertain moves, especially if you are wearing a rucksack, and if you do not assume the position of 'Y', as in the Village People song, we will not hesitate to turn your head into a canoe, courtesy of one (or more, depending on our mood) of Her Majesty's Royal Armory 168gr 7.62X51mm Match bullets, or whatever be the cartridge of the day. So, be good, you militant islamofacsist terrorists, because Cecil, Basil, and Terrence can hit you from farther away than you think. Toodle'oo!!'

See, the English have it right. No charges, no trials, if you are in the act of attempting to commit mass murder by blowing yourself up in a public venue, they are going to stop you, by whatever means necessary, and then go have a pint. Period. Personally, I hope they kill a terrorist or two this fashion. I believe the message would resound further that way.

SCOUTS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

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