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This is just one of about 7 plantar warts Ive got on my feet. Ill tell you one thing these bastards hurt like hell. Just standing up on them is killing me. Ive got to suck it up though got to work didnt get any pain medicine the few loritabs werent worth a crap for this. The doctor told me that its best to bust the blisters but that didnt feel very good either. He is a liar I should have kicked him in the face when I had a clear shot. When he was carving on this one the damn power went off on our side of town and that freaked me out. When the assistant on the other side is gritting her teeth then you know you probably dont want to see whats going on. The hole is after he cuts away the top layer of skin then gets to the meat he puts some beetle extract that causes extreme blistering which attacks the wart and kills the skin the blisters burn like someone is lighting your foot on fire or stabbing a pin into your skin, the blisters are the size of a quarter usually. The bad news is I have another treatment. I dont think I will be able to walk on them this time I just cant take that level of pain anymore. Just kill me now.


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