Well here I am after an all day session of learning some deadly new skills to help me in my fight against complacency in the workplace. The one good thing about seminars is that once you leave you cant wait to get back and apply all the cool new shit you learned. there is only one catch in that plan believe or not the first thing that happens is some jackass derails you then you get pissed off and rip their apron--which means that you assert yourself in a forceful fashion--Back in the old days you just went around laying waste to all you encountered your leadership skills were measured by how much ass you could rip and if they survived or not. Being a green manager is not easy. Some people are hard headed. Ive had the pleasure of working for some sorry red managers believe it or not most of them got their asses handed to them in the end. You just have to wait around until the employees vote them out of office. I hope when I ascend to the throne that I can rally the team and all that hoo hah because thats the only way you can be successful.


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