YAHOO! I finally got promoted to corporal in Battlefield 2 man it took about 100 or more hours to get it but it was fun, if the screenshot took im going to post the pic. Not much else going on just work. Im trying to figure out the 50 goddamn charts we have to fill out everyday now why cant you just do the shit and not have to spend 100 hours logging it.

I need to get the windows tinted in the car but holy shit 175 bucks back in high school it was 75 inflation is killing us. I want the ipod nano I looked at it down at best buy I love my shuffle but the nano is the ticket as long as they fixed the damn screen on it.

Music review: three six mafia the most known unknowns 4 out of 5 plus it comes with a dvd. its good enough that I bought it and I dont pay for cd's unless they are good, have you ever spent 15 dollars on a piece of shit and got home pissed off that you wasted 15 bucks. Ive got hundreds of shitty cds with one or two good songs on them. Im going to rip them all to mp3 and sell them at a garage sale.


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