Its going to rain this weekend but you would think its the end of the world. Everyone in this goddamn city is buying groceries like we are fixing to get wiped away by a hurricane! I havent heard that water and gas are going to be shut off in dallas so what the hell is the deal? People are buying more stuff here than they are in houston the best part is when they realize how stupid they are they will bring the all that shit back that will fubar everything. Ive never seen the water shelves cleared off like that y2k wasnt shit compared to this. I hope next week they call a snow scare so we can keep up the sales. I wish I would have taken a picture at the fuel center you wouldnt believe it but about 50 cars waited in line to get gas we had to close the place with cones and baskets and let people in 1 at a time. We ran out of gas but thats because those stupid asses wont go home and quit driving up the demand. when people are following the gas truck around thats too much.

Weather guys you assholes owe me a weekend off, I thinkI'm going to announce everyone should go to the news stations that they are giving away free gas and water and let them assholes stand out in their parking lot and direct traffic.

One nice lady was even nice enough to say " I guess I'll have to put you on my list of where not to shop. your out of some of the things Im looking for I cant believe you dont have my water" So I said its hurricane related. and she says "Well its not like people are hoarding stuff" Well guess what you freakin genius there are about 1000 people in the grocery store at 10 pm you cant get down the aisle and there is 72 ft of empty shelves in water I'm not albert einstein but your the stupidest asshole I've seen all week by far.. Congratulations to you! your proof common sense aint so common. Jesus christ I love Retail where else can you carry on a conversation with a full blown dumbass on a daily basis.


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