Spent 7.53 today only to have the shit sit in the breakroom and get cold while I walked the store with all the big chiefs I am poor and also a chicken fried steak sandwich not being eaten is a crime punishable by death. I love CFS its my favorite meal with tacos a close second. It took me forever to find the wave 2 reports today to post I dont know what thats all about I need to read the manuel I guess. The weirdest thing happened today about 5 of the regular customers that I remembered from the last time at 521 came in today they still shop here, one of the reasons I didnt want to leave this place last time is the cool customers, I was glad to see them it was fun. Tb dont stop stocking full throttle youll just sieze up like an engine without the oil! Like a pheonix Ill rise from the ashes, p.s. put them tags back


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dude thats crazeehorse... I am playing a game to see how much freight i can throw by myself in a week.Mr. G said I threw a dickton the other nite. what tags what you talkin bout willis

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