On Wednesday last week I had an appendic attack which required me to get some surgery. Just to let you know I dont even know what it is but I did think I was going to die. That is some intense pain. The surgery was nearly 3 hours long because of excessive scar tissue from a previous attack that I had some time ago, but I didnt go to the doctor because as you know I am A BADASS! Pain is nothing.... Not really it hurt like hell. the doctor said he didnt know how I could go through an attack and brush it off. I am out of the hospital and have been told not to work for 2-3 weeks with no lifting at all for 5-6. Thanks for the flowers I got they are awesome the amount of flowers I got tell me everyone was betting on death to win out. Then you just take the flowers from the hospital to the cemetary no problems. My guts feel like they have been ripped out and twistd up and put back in OUCH... I cant sleep because I cant get comfortable and can barely even walk which sucks too. The one plant with hemmoroid creme in it makes me wonder though? Sheryl what are you saying anyway I dont get it. Soon I will post a follow up maybe with some pictures.......



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