Man, I swear that car is a piece of crap Im getting tired of it dogging me out all the time, the only thing good about this particular car is that it is paid off, hmmm it would be awesome to cruise around town in a new ride looking cool but how in the hell can people afford a 600 car payment with insurance? That seems kinda stupid to me, a 20,000 car is approximately alot of money. Someone tried to cut me off on central today no problem I casually pulled up next to them and gave them the international peace sign.But that would have sucked if the car would have died at the light then I would have to duke it out in the middle of the street on the way to work! Today wasnt much fun It was like playing secretary all day do this send that fax this I cant find those. I was ready to leave today on time. I did talk to a customer today that bought a thanksgiving dinner at 1:00 on thursday when he got it home all the sides like his gravy and dressings and stuff were frozen solid. everyone had to wait around for dinner then when it was ready there wasnt enough to go around needless to say he was a tad disgruntled...and to top it all off my boss ripped us a new one because our employees cant clock out on time that wasnt very pleasant conversation. NO OVERTIME....I made a special trip back today to walk back and forth in front of my favorite employee this morning as many times as I could stopping like I was going to say something then just turning around and leaving I will not under any circumstances ever say anything that remotely resembles a greeting to her and I will continue to everyday just for fun until she is no longer the person with the foulest attitude, whiner, complainer and general ridiculous human being on the face of this earth.


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