Went to the casino today Winstar to be exact. Took 100.00 came back 140.00 in the hole man those indians are tight as hell. Its on a reservation but I didnt even see any indians but there were alot of asians up in there playing and some seniors. I should have passed out senior plus cards and got some business since that place is only 38 miles from the store. I like that vortex machine but it whipped my ass. I thought I would meet up with somebody famous but as usual I ran into Dusty Simmons Grocery Merchant extrodinaire, he always comes to hang out where the cool people are and that means where Im at. Also my review of the all you can eat buffett for 10.00 is that it sucks ass! I would rather eat cheetos and dr pepper it was definetely a rip off. I wonder if Vegas is like that too. They have a West Coast Chopper in the foyer you can win that is one bad ass chopper Ive got a pic its coming.

The russian site allofmp3.com is fixing to be shut down get there and get all your mp3 now it wasnt working this weekend but its up now. Hurry .08 songs wont last forever.


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