Well as usual some drama occurs on Sat night, me in my infinite wisdom made sure there was paper in the damn printer for third party but there were a few details that maybe I should have followed up on. For example were is the sheet with the scannable bar codes on it. Well after f,n around for about 20 min I find that on the web then went to ring it up and none of the over rides work. Had to call support didnt know what word activated the correct dept, got to one guy didnt know, got to a lady she give me the wrong info, got to another lady level 2 before the shit is corrected I put the sales on with 4 minutes to spare. 2 hours over for no f'n reason thats a bunch of shit, this store is cursed I am 100% Sure read the blogs from 2 or three years ago its the same shit just not as busy. My bloodpressure is up just thinking about it.


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Should of fn stayed at #493 you would`nt of had that problem. Besides its so busy there you don`t have time for all that bs. well i guess you know that huh. dude that place was way full throttle 2nite.

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