The busiest time of year at the grocery store is 5 minutes till the closing time on the only day you ever close. Man you wouldnt believe how many people come rushing in unless you post a gaurd by the door. This season is finally over I love xmas but the stress of getting through it is bad for your blood pressure. I was incognito on wednesday I wore the soft beige sweater, Oh yes very GQ by the way but people still found me to ask me the most ridiculous things they could think of. Man I got a couple of crystal candle holders from one of the checkers they are kick a, I also got some pewter dragons and wizards, some eternity, a clock, a gift card, some sausage, a tgif gift certificate, walmart gift card- which is a dilemna since I hate walmarts they are the enemy- and some other stuff. This xmas turned out pretty good.. I did stubb my freaking toe at 3:00 in the morning going into the storage shed to retrieve a mountain bike damn near killed myself and I was sober. All in all a good time with the family and enjoying some peace and quiet.


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