Here we go again come to work produce thrashed looked like it hadnt been worked in a week, now I know its not the workload because me and Stephen busted out a whole produce truck in 6 hours thats filling all of it. The whole time we are bustin ass the produce guy is trying to figure out how to mark down cataloupes. Then when everything is full and the backroom is full of boxes and I walk the department and show him what it should look like, the best thing he could muster up is thats alot of empty boxes whos going to crush those. Now Im not the sharpest knife in the drawer but if someone does all of my job in 3 hours I think I would crush the damn boxes. I feel it building up inside the kettle is steaming and the whistle is fixing to go off and then something is going to boil over.

Lord Vader our plans to make this station fully operational are being hindered by call ins and poor productivity..

I find your lack of faith disturbing find the rebels and bring them to me! They are underestimating the power of the darkside of the force! Dont fail me again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah I know what you mean the dairy is fubared again ricky has missed three days. that bastard ace,I would like to put the lord vader choke hold on him and his thirteen lives.

12:43 AM  

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