Well last nights entertainment was going to the site. BLAM BLAM BLAM goes the m249 para machine gun, 13 and 1 thats owning the scene. Counterstrike is the best computer game ever next to TEAM FORTRESS CLASSIC or TFC for those of you that know,, shout out to Bob Dole and ]-[elix. Other than that me and Ryan got to play some battlefield and some c.s. it rocked pretty good.
Oh yeah the store I wanted a Coney Island today but they werent open again, those bastards must not like money or something im waiting for a lunar event before they open again, Im going to try one more time and I swear they better be open or I will be riddled with angst, and thats not a good thing. KWW shout out to you Master of the cones!! Westside oh connecticut is Eastside!! my bad.
I wonder why employees dont understand English but on payday they are english majors, Whats up with that?


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