Another fun day at the job today, Ive got a pile of paperwork thats all over the place I need to devote some time to it this week because its getting out of hand. Didnt have fun today Frank brought the frozen food truck too late he missed an opportunity to be called everything in the book, and generally abused. The best commercial at the superbowl was the one that was Jerry Tate- the football player that went around the office and smashed the hell out of all the people that were screwing off, now thats some funny shit. That game was a piece of crap. It was the first superbowl I was off for about 15 years and it sucked... sucked sucked.. Damn thats why I love the DALLAS STARS. When is the last time you saw crappy playoff or stanley cup hockey. uhhhhhhh Never because hockey doesnt suck like football. The raiders suck put me on the record they didnt even show up for the damn superbowl JESUS christ what the hell happened to them? As my friend steve carr would say "well thats gay" Word up to the Denton state school. And Ill end on this note "Grady your cool" Biff your the man. SHANIA TWAIN YOU SUCK, MOVE YOUR LIPS TO THE WORDS NEXT TIME. YOUR SUPERBOWL LIPSYNCHING PERFORMANCE SUCKED AND IF YOU SING THAT CRAPPY ASS SONG ONE MORE TIME IM GOING TO JUMP OFF THE TALLEST FREE STANDING STRUCTURE IN NORTH AMERICA.


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