U.S. Marines Raise Texas Flag over Iraqi Port City
Message to Saddam: Don't Mess with Texas, Umm Qasr

UMM QASR, IRAQ (WI) — Shortly after American soldiers surrounded and captured the Iraqi port city of Umm Qasr, Marines were photographed raising a Texas flag over the city.

The flag raising is meant to send a symbolic message to Saddam Hussein: Don't Mess with Texas, Umm Qasr, or the greater Basra metropolitan area.

As U.S. Military personnel continue to disarm and sort out surrendering Iraqi soldiers, additional changes are already being made in Iraqi towns.

"Per an order directly from the Commander in Chief, we have installed an electric chair and already executed over two hundred Texas death row inmates," explained Gen. Tommy Franks, head of the U.S. Central Command. "The Army Corps of Engineers has also started construction on three gun shops, two Wal-Marts and a drive-thru liquor store."

U.S. military commander are expecting that, by week's end, even more Texas-style warnings will be sent to Saddam's dying regime, including: Don't Mess with Nasiriya, Don't Mess with Karbala, and eventually Don't Mess with Baghdad.
courtesy wackyiraqi.com


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