Wow where do I start I havent posted in a really long time. But needless to say people havent all of a sudden gotten any smarter since my last post people are still just as stupid. Common sense still isnt common in my line of work. One good thing did happen I got the raggedy ass transmission fixed now my brakes are out woo hoo more money down the drain and out of my computer fund. My brother in law Anthony thinks he can take me out on C and C generals whatever!! I will dominate on you boy. Bow before my greatness weak minded dog! Heres a good one a guy comes in today and is screaming at the uscan lady at the top of his lungs making a huge scene, Cody in pharmacy calls for a manager to come over-- of course im in Carolina when he calls and have to walk half way across the United States to get there and when I do the guy is acting all polite when I roll up on him. but he is pointing and talking a little crazy, so i had to ask him to leave,, then the 20 witnesses said he was cussing and all up in her face, hmmm lets see I guess I get a little more respect since im 6 ft about 310 and anyone that knows me is aware of the fact that getting in my face is hazardous to ones health, theres two things that will get you the 310 slam and one is spitting on me and the other getting in my personal space. Here is something odd: Guess what I actually know someone that walked into a ladder hanging out of the back of a truck in a driveway and broke her nose!! Sarah can you believe that? If anyone has any nose jokes please forward them to me at my email. Summer is coming and the freaks will be coming in so I promise to post more so I can retain some semblance of sanity. Shout outs today go to the stickboy and Alicia Jeremy (why you getting married you crazy or something) Rant of the Day: Eminem you loser you wont get cred attaching yourself to aerosmith YOU SUCK and thats on you LOSER without Dre you'd be in jail leaning over bubbas bunk looking for the soap..You and Justin timberlake would make a good couple. I almost forgot to ad to the people fainting total,, now its at 8 and the boss said he felt light headed the other day.. Now if he goes down thats going to tear some s**t up!! It would be like when the fellowship of the ring killed that cave troll in that one battle scene and goes down. LOL Justin Get the Table 33333333 DDDDDDDDDD Time.


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