Well here is the first post following the start of moving time for Saddam, Well I for one am impressed that saddam got hauled out of his bunker on a stretcher and survived a 60 million dollar assasination attempt, what we should have done is go over there and drop off a car jacker from the hood he could have shot saddam and stole his ride no sweat. Thats it we are starting to lose soldiers. Its time to quit playing around and get serious, the only thing we should do is turn iraq into a paid parking lot kinda like we have in downtown Ft.Worth.. I think we should build a 1000 screen drive in and a 100,000 spot paid parking lot, and turn the rest into a drive in wildlife park. Or better yet we build a big ass fence around it and put all the Palestinians in it and they can call it home. I really loved watching the iraqis shooting into the water at imaginary pilots the whole city was there for the show. Hmmm... have you been to six flags over texas lately? Im telling you entertainment is getting out of hand. I spent half of the gross domestic product of a third world nation out there. The worst thing about the whole experience is that unlike when I was a kid now I cant fit in the damn rides. After one ride on the texas giant I needed hip replacement surgery. If six flags wanted to make a ton of money they would put a chiropractors booth outside of the rides, screw the pictures. Chicago won the oscar tonight Ive got one question has anyone seen this piece of crap--everyone knows that Lord of the Rings is the best movie of the year.. That tatu video keeps running through my head;). get it. until next time i'm out..... P.S DONT BUY EMINEMS EIGHT MILE I SWEAR IT IS A PIECE OF CRAP NOT WORTH WATCHING DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. IF I WERE TO FIND IT AND IT WAS FREE I WOULD USE IT AS A TEA COASTER ON MY COFFEE TABLE BEFORE I WOULD RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE, THIS SHIT SHOULD BE GIVE AWAY AS THE B SIDE ON ALL THOSE AOL INTERNET DISCS. 1000 HOURS OF AOL ON ONE SIDE AND ABOUT 92 MINUTES OR SO OF COMPLETE SHIT ON THE OTHER. I WOULD HAVE SPENT MY TIME BETTER SCOOPING UP CRAP AT A LAXATIVE DEMO.


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