Here it is Saturday night,, I got the day off and got to go get the raggedy ass car fixed today. I wasted a whole day and didnt get nothing else of importance done. I did get my dad on the net today for the first time, But ill tell you one thing its not easy doing it on the cell phone I had a difficult time since he has barely ever been on a computer before. I cant figure out why my headphones and mike arent working in counterstrike its very annoying Thomas was ragging on me the other night because I could only chat in game in text.. that sucks. Man it was a good day outside today I did get to walk around the hood while the car was being fixed. And for all of you who follow my daily adventures SARAH has a blog now, I think youll find it interesting I need to post the address so everyone can check it out. Inventory is complete and its over once again idiots didnt steal enough to make it short so that is a bright spot in our day because sometimes its frustrating to be working on reducing loss and have half the city stealing at the same time...Another ripping yesterday about the fingerprinting issue PEOPLE YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND WE ARE NOT GOING TO ASSIMILATE YOU AT THE GROCERY STORE WE JUST WANT YOUR CHECK TO BE GOOD FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! The fingerprint thing is a great idea if your a forger you might not want your fingerprint on a stolen check, so I say if your not a thief you need to get over it. Our drug manager is retiring after 30 some odd years thats quit an accomplishment I say, The gm folks really wear on my last nerve sometimes but I guess thats par for the course.. Good luck Janie on your new career of doing nothing...hmmm youve been training for that nearly 30 years already.. youll probably start that job as the manager too... just kidding of course.


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