All im going to write about tonight is the fact that i am tired and ready to go to bed. Ive been hanging around on the computer all night and Im just tired. I believe ill go to bed, Its cold as hell outside tonight I thought winter was over. Jokes on me I guess. Im am not looking forward to work tommorrow I know Ill have a million things to do and no time to do them, Ill just spend the day dealing with stupid people with problems that dont have anything to do with them doing their job. Bill is gone to colleyville I hate to see him go he does quite a bit more than most sackers and at least had a sense of humor about it. I remember yelling for him to bring in some carts while I was standing on the front sidewalk one night, he was about half way out in the lot and he turned around and shot me the finger and laughed. Now to me that was funny. Bill you are a trip. Joanna and Clover whatz up? Gotta take the kids to school I think the wind is blowing like crazy right now Better sign off.


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