Boom there goes another one........Man the car is down but one good thing is its only going to cost another 85 bucks im sick of that p.of crap but i kinda like not having to pay a car payment,, I can tolerate alot of that crap but this is wearing on my last nerve, The right store at the right price your going to hear alot about that in the next few months thats our big motto thats rolling out and its the same as academy sports but so what we will take it over. Walmart on harwood and precinct line opened today big whoop no sales loss i think so of the people that wont wait in line 2 minutes at kroger are going to have a problem down there in line for 25 minutes. as long as their customer service sucks we dont have a problem, I dont know if its still good but go to walmartsucks.com ..


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