Immature freakin stupid ass people I swear im getting sick and tired of dealing with stupidity everyday, The list is getting shorter by the day, it amazes me how many people everyday that tell me you do this or ill quit.. If I was the manager I would do this and that. well if you didnt suck maybe you would be. Well newsflash so what I dont care there are some key people that I do care what happens to and some that will be key people in the future, but for the most part I couldnt give a rats ass what happens to the ones that suck go get another job so they can tell you that you suck too. My favorite yesterday was I have a degree and I dont need this crap..that was a revelation I dont need your shit either and please quit so you can stop wasting everyones time and air. One individual that has given me nothing but a bunch of crap since he got hired finally screwed himself. well this time I was the one in the position to decide his fate and he had to call and ask me for forgiveness. All I can say is what goes around comes around that is the truest saying that Ive ever heard it is true it works everytime you just have to patient and wait trust me it will happen. So all in all the ball is rolling and justice is slowly gaining momentum. Man my narratives are becoming more and more (argumentative)--thats dennis's favorite word now Im saying it all the time too. Im going to start...ive been coughing some today if think someone gave me the SARS! I forgot what else I was going to say but I will remember it before tonights over, I did get some webstuff done last night though but I spent most of my time on IM though my IM list has like 50 people on it sometimes I feel like an operator when im carrying on more than 3 or 4 conversations.


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