Ahh im off today but im so stressed out and beat down by work I really dont know what I want to do, I went shopping at dilliards earlier today, that will hurt next month they had this purple ralph lauren polo shirt for 60 bucks. Its not every day i blow that much scratch on a shirt. I had to get a couple of others while I was there also. I have to go to my brothers wedding next month anyway so I'll have some new things to wear. Im buried in problems right now and need some time off to get my head right. This working 12 to 14 hours of stress every single day is wearing me down and I can tolerate a tremendous amount of stress I think thats one of my strengths. One problem I think im having is as I get older Im losing some of the edge when dealing with problems in the store. Man when I was a youngster with a blue badge I was on a tear do it or thats your ass. Times have changed and that dont work anymore but it just pisses me off what we deal with sometimes its amazing, I think I should be more like the old me and get some things done... Now thats when people better watch out.. I prefer to get along with people and give them some subtle direction on which way to do some people just jump out and do things right then without getting a beating but some are just asking for them. I need to get mgrady.com on line soon I just cant focus long enough to get that crap done. I want to make a site thats fun but still have some info on it that can help you out. Also I need my own email account going this aol sucks and is wasting my money for the last 6 years.. I have broadband anyway whats up with that. well thats enough venting for now i think ill nap a while im exhausted and i have to work at 8 in the morning.....


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