This is a rare occasion a daytime post, that never happens but I have a few minutes before I go back to work. My back is messed up I dont know how it happened but I think its something I did at work lifting some crap. My right arm is killing me carpal tunnel and I have a head cold and my left foot has been hurting for about a month. Im barely staying together I dont know what the hell is going on. Its getting tougher and tougher to get groceries on the shelf people are falling off left and right and the ones that are here arent very good yet.. Oh wait I forgot we suck at training so they never will be unless they learn it by osmosis. Im just in a defeated mood because I hate working somewhere that no one gives a damn about anything, I think that I strive for excellence but most of the people I work with just want to get by and do a crappy ass job, its hard for me to keep a good attitude and make changes in that environment. I feel like just going postal and start firing the sorry asses. On the lighter side its a nice day outside and Im going to sit in my swing this afternoon and just kick it... Mr. Waters good hearing from you again its been awhile everyone is asking what your up to nowadays... Im glad its payday I think Ill feel better if I go spend some money. Later for now anywho!!


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