Well another fun day at the good ol grocery store. It was very busy today. Unlike the other day which was total chaos Ill tell you about that in a minute. Two shoplifters today the first one got away oh well stuff happens we did get his plate number though. And then two little punks that stole a tbone steak family pack down the front of his pants he ran but the track star in me came out we caught them about half way out in the parking lot and hauled them back inside..They were high and talking a bunch of smack, one of them said he would just get up and walk out. Now thats pretty funny because I told him that would be a whole new situation that he would not like the outcome of. I havent had to slam anyone in months but thats not to say it wont happen again... as the story goes he was talking smack until the man found out he had warrants.. Stupid ass little punk I hope you rot in the damn jail and thank you for shopping at kroger. Now on to the second story there is this one individual that is on my last nerve very much like my FAVORITE employee from previous posts. She thinks she knows everything and is in everyones business including mine. Ive just about had enough of this person and the end is near but I think she knows that she has pushed me up to the edge and has backed off since our last conversation, at least I hope shes that smart. Bennie gets another award for great customer service and another comment from a customer, He is the example of signature service... The customers love seeing him in the department, he always helps with anything he can, and treats everyone really good. from the mgr side of things he always does his job and anything else you ask him no questions asked. you ask him to help another department he is there, those are the kind of people that I want on my team when Im a store manager some day.. I am always looking for those types of people and so is Kroger. Karl called today he is the king of enterprise car leasing he is at the top of the matrix which is some kind of sales pyramid or sumsuch you go Karl keep selling insurance to people that dont need it. LOL thats funny because when I went on vacation I bought some for my rental car.. That makes me a dumbass too. chow for now


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