It looks like im going to be drug into the world of ultima online, It seems the price has dropped to 20 and Ive almost bought it before. But the only thing that I wonder is if I will have enough time to play it. Or is it going to be like all my other games and go in the pile after a week or so. Its hard with my hours to find enough time to stay awake and play anything except maybe c.s. because its in and out you dont have to worry about dying and losing all your stuff. Ive got to go to another meeting tommorrow morning. Ive already been to two damn meetings this week and its wearing me out. And if that wasnt enough Ive been nominated to give the diversity presentation,, yay nothing like getting up in front of your peers and making an ass out of yourself. My presentation will have alot of fluff because to be honest I dont have a damn clue what to go with I was drafted(the kroger word for forced) to submit. well ill let you know how it goes tommorrow. Ill probably wind up sweating like a whore in church.


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