Ahh,, Time for another rambling post of fun, Well I think ive discovered the problem with the health issues that have been wearing me down, Stress. Yep good old hardcore stress worrying about everything at work at home and everything else. I think Ive got too many irons in the fire right now. We just keep doing more and more stuff that relates to paperwork and it makes me wonder if you keep running around tring to grade yourself all the time when are you going to have time to fix the stuff your failing at. I swear ive got a stack of shit a mile deep I need to handle but it is overwhelming sometimes. Some days I just patrol the salesfloor and make sure some other crap dont break down. Ive decided what the problem is after my special assignment awhile back I got out of my rhythem I was organized and had my shit together nice and neat I had a structured program of what I did everyday and at what time.. Ive always worked at high volume stores but this one is different. I dont think we have teamwork, excitement, and drive. What we do have is a bunch of lazy ass people that think they kroger owes them something. And it really pisses me off that they keep us from reaching our potential. I think I put up with more shit than I have too and Im working on changing that but you have to be careful that you dont become a dictator because then youll be overthrown like saddam was. You have to be firm but you also need to be respected for the experience you have and what youve accomplished. My goal is to come to work everyday and have fun. period. I love my job or at least have at other stores but I need to feel that all over my store for us to be sucessful. MORALE = SALES I have worked for managers that can create it and I tell you what you can kick some ass. I dont think some people that work here give a damn that they are sucking the life right out of the place. If I could remove 10 people tommorrow I could change my store forever.. I will say one thing my favorite employee is bending to my will Ive worn her down Im the winner!!! YaaaY.. me. Now its usually pleasant to be around her and not have to hear all the bullshit that usually spews out of her mouth..Ive been letting the situations dictate my response and that dont work. Im back in the drivers seat of controlling my own destiny. Ive got my own website finally its mgrady.com and I will eventually get around to putting something up there. Ive wanted to get my own domain for a long time just never went the extra step to do it. It will be so much easier anytime someone needs to get a hold of me to just say go to my website and the infos there or something like that. I think im going to sell some stuff from there also I just havent figured out what yet. And I need to figure out how to configure my email from my site also.. Went to moms the other night to fix her computer..Im jealous because her computer is way better than mine, when I took the side panel off and saw that v.card and processor that sucked. But I went to the walmart.(by the way I dont endorse walmart in any way they are the enemy) but its moms money, anyway they had a us robotics modem for 78.00 I sucked it up and bought it BECAUSE?....say it with me kids ITS NOT MY MONEY. but when I got to the register it rang up 28.00!! I laughed my ass off and told brad maybe we should go back through the line and buy two more just to do our part to destroy the evil empire. So something good did come out of that though. Sarah remember the only way to figure out advice is good is after shit happens. Take control of your destiny and dont dwell on things not meant to be. hmmm I kinda sound like a prophet. The prophet grady touring the world to spread advice on all the things that Ive f'd up in my time on this planet. But I have to say I am usually excellent at avoiding personal disaster my sixth sense kicks in and warns me. I learned along time ago dont ignore it, if you do your screwed everytime time. I cant tell you how many times Ive stood up at a party and said Im leaving the cops are coming been driving away down the street and here they come. I call it common sense timing. after a couple of times aaron assad and everyone else knew if I said "its time to go" you saw them scrambling to get all their shit together. lol believers now one and all. I miss talking to assad regularly some of the most fun times at 516 was getting his request off notes on the fax machine I think Ill post one if I can find it youll laugh your ass off for sure. I still do and thats been 5 years


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