Back at it today was fun for a change me and my daughter went to the movies and saw xmen2 thats a pretty good movie it had a lot of special effects and stuff. It kicked ass pretty much. Then we hung out at grapevine mills for awhile, man I havent seen so many punks and retro little bastards in a really long time, I used to work at northhills mall in the day when it was still a mall and they used to piss me off back then, I thought that phase was over and the kids were into something else by now, NOT. I bought that dance dance revolution for the playstation and it has the big pad with the arrows on it. My question is as I try to learn to play it do you have to be a 14 year old asian boy to play it. A guy at the mall was playing today and we were watching, man that dude was tearing it up, hell after the first stage im puffing for air coughing up a lung.
then we checked out some games and stopped to eat at fudruckers. I got the bab(big ass burger) Im really full. Ive needed to spend more time with the kiddos lately Ive been focusing too much on kroger and not enough on whats more important. My damn back is killing me today because my weak ass associate manager cant do his job. Me and justin damn near threw the whole grocery truck well tamara threw also. I felt like putting the a.m. in a stone cold stunner because I continue to take a beating when I dont do his job. When I have to take my tie off and stock not because I want too that really heats me up. This one customer was jacking with me asking me a dozen different questions in floral, lol but I put one on her for every stupid question I had another to go with it. Thats what im saying when she left she was more confused than when she came! in mission accomplished. I wonder how many people are going to wait until midnight sun night to get old mum something for moms day? I got my mom some flowers off the internet at kroger .com with my plus card I got a free vase.. Im high tech Im doing everything on the net now, pay bills, buy stuff, check the news and the weather. I am a connected individual. I like doing things on my own schedule instead of someone elses. Im tired I think since I work early its time for bed but ill probably wind up being on here another 2 hours thats why I dont get enough sleep. Goodnight


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