Im bored today, i think i need to go to best buy and get something, I watched star trek nemesis and its a pretty good movie., I wouldnt mind getting a ps2 today and some games mainly tekken tag thats the one I want. FULL moon at the store one guy ripped the boss a new one about people smoking in the store, well breakroom that is, anyway hes in produce and smelled cig smoke and went ballistic, the boss in a managerly (is that a word) told him no smoking for customers but not employees. Man that set him off. Then a couple of idiots one of which looks just like drew carey even with a stupid ass tie was riding the bascart around the store and when told to get off he threw a fit and said he didnt do it. Clue-- make sure their wasnt any witnesses drew because a bunch of people saw you. So he didnt like me asking him about it and took my name and the market guys name also and got the number to corporate. You know what sir, SCREW YOU. someone has been needing to tell you that for awhile, and i dont want to hear how you work in customer service, and your a manager and all that crap I dont give a damn got that buddy, Im serious!! Give me the address to your job and ill come in there with a skateboard and do a kicktail 360 ollie with rail grind off your desk and then ill ask for your boss and tell him your an asshole and Im a manager and im shocked that I was treated poorly at your business and get the district managers phone number. Sounds crazy doesnt it asshole well It did to me too amazingly enough.
And in the I dont have a clue what the hell Im doing here department, I get a call from a floor supervisor (mind you im busy as hell) and she tells me the light on her register is broken--hmm I can handle this ive been around for 20 years and Im a co-manager Kroger has spent millions training me for this very secnario so I spring into action.
Turn on the switch thats always a sure thing to start with, she says nothing is happening. So i move straight to the second thing on my list...how about you call the utility clerk and change the bulb, you know that thingy thats white and emits light! so there is silence on the other end and then I say "what else can I do for you" and she says how do we get up there to change it?" well genius im going to expand your horizons today Im not going to tell you to get the ladder im going to see if you figure it out. Then she says so you think i need the ladder? Holy crap and the world wonders why I have a mild case of insanity. Now that I think back its funny but at the time it damn sure wasnt you know.


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