I should probably rant and rave about all the b.s. that goes on at work but it doesnt do any good. For some reason there is someone giving me grief indirectly, I hate getting caught up in th eb.s. I have way too many other things oging on to have some drama at work. I think I will continue to talk to whomever the hell I want to as long as I want to and they can stick it up their ass. How about them apples? One of the reasons I work at kroger and as long as I have is because over the years Ive built hundreds of relationships with people of all kinds. I think I know damn near everybody that works for us and thats the way I like it. I dont think anyone is going to make me change how I am because they feel threatened. The whole damn thing pisses me off and as far as you two produce boys go dont think I dont hear the stupid ass crap youve been saying remember ive been around more than a few days, if your going to play that game with me you better bring more skillz than that. I EAT LUNCH ON SUNDAY WHEN I WANT TO WITH WHO I WANT TO AND GO WHERE I WANT TO. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT THEN SCREW YOU.. I CANT JUST LEAVE AND GO EAT BECAUSE OF ALL THE IMMATURE FREAKIN PEOPLE THAT CANT DO A DAMN THING ON THEIR OWN FOR 5 MINUTES WITHOUT A COMANAGER OR SUPERVISION HANGING OVER THEIR SHOULDER. this started as a so so post my stuff today and the more I think about it the more it pisses me off. I guess my management style where I talk to the employees and try to help them along being somewhat cool about things isnt working, I guess it needs to be back to the old me. Get out the hammer and beat these dumbasses into the ground like a rusty nail, I tell you what to do and come give you grief if it doesnt get done, no questions asked just justice if you dont make the grade. The one thing that can be said for that is before you get transferred out to another store the weak will already be gone from where you were. If anything youve done your replacement a favor. And by the way I will acknowledge that Tony did a hell of a job on the backroom, this week proves my point to the t that we have a leadership problem not a employee problem. Its amazing what a bunch of new guys get accomplished with some direction hell its even amazing that the other department manager seemed to find a clue out of no where! hmmm I wonder why that was. I give it a week before all the work we did this week goes right in the crapper and we will be screwed again. Thats enough for tonight now im hacked off I think ill get online and shoot people for a while.

Night night irene!


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