Grocery Store Fun Well got to see the fireworks last night, I think next year Ill go somewhere a little easier to see that did kind of suck, I think Ill turn the parking lot lights off too they were kind of hard to see. I got way way drunk last night total count was 4 strawb daquiris 4 peach daquris 4 beers and 2 rum and coke and about 5 straight shots. come about 4 am it felt like my head was going to fall off. I havent been that tore up in awhile thats for sure. God almighty I was torn to the ground, now im out of bicardi though thats one thing that sucks, I guess I need to go to majestics and go shopping again. This time I need to get some peach schnapps thats my favorite I love that stuff. As far as whats going on at the store well there will probably be some kind of lunar event because i came back from vacation and got sat off then the next week im getting mon and tues back 2 back whoa hold the phone thats not supposed to happen oh and I also got off early enough to enjoy the fireworks on friday, Life is good and I cant complain. The boss is on vacation next week and so is AP so I am the man again Ill have to try not to screw it up too bad. But at this point I think Ive got it under control aiiiight. Also If you like steven seagal I recommend Half Past Dead its got ja rule and steaven seagal its pretty good..BEtter than I thought. on a 1-5 I give it a 4 for action and the fact that nia peoples is seriously hot in it. black leather rrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I like it. time to bounce laters.


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