index They changed my blog interface what is google doing I dont know what the heck is going on. Well another day at the office, A holiday no less Fourth of July. I actually put in some manuel labor today. I worked the lunchmeat truck, walked with the district manager(who was in a unusually good mood today) did some deli and bakery straightened some displays and filled grocery specials, and cut some meat. One guy bought 10 angus ribeyes 2 inch steaks at 7.99 lb. where the hell is that bar b que, I signing up for that. Then there is the lady who bought a .79 brisket and brought it back three days later and said can you trim it for me, well the only problem with trimming is thats extra we dont trim briskets for free. Well I told her that it would be tough if I took off the fat but she insisted, So I sharpened up my knife and cut every bit of fat on the thing of until it was gone. So now I hope that it tastes like a old basketball shoe thats been sitting in the sun in the frontyard for a couple of months. Oh well I think Ill cover some of my vacation stuff on the next post I was just testing this new google toolbar and so far its the shizzzzzznit.


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