Grocery Store Fun

Im so tired I can barely stand up worked from 12 pm to 2am and then went back from 7 to 10 to do some of that inventory stuff that I had to do. Im still a little pissed off that several people that were supposed to do stuff dropped the ball, I guess I live in a fantasy world where everything should go smooth but duh I guess not. I just want things done and done right the first time thats all. Those damn gobacks keep multiplying we are going to get a system I had how many people working on it and they still had to be scanned please what the hell is that all aobut. Under the gondolas at 11 night before inventory ..............Thats gay. Stick got sick at school today and I had to go get him. And I took alicia a dozen roses that I arranged up to the junior high, she was pretty excited Im fixing to go now and pick her up a cd for her 14th bday. but I also want to look around at bestbuy , even though Im about to fall asleep typing this. Oh yeah I almost forgot I think im going to go get that bill oreilly factor book whos looking out for you,, Its got to be a good book I read the forward and its awsome.........till later


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