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Well after reading some of the outrageous things in the above blog I felt compelled to respond to a couple of things. The first thing is you are most definetely high maintenance to a certain degree. and the second is that the more responsiblilities you have the more you realize that nothing in life is easy, even if you get everything given to you a certain amount of hardship makes you stronger and builds character. Anyone can get money but that will never buy you respect and character. Well I guess thats enough of the Dr Phil bullshit for the day.
As for how the rest of this 12 hour day went I cant say Im thrilled at sales or wages both are in the crapper last week, Im behind on my dairy credits, the backroom is full and inventory looms around the corner, and all the kids are acting up because the boss is on vacation. I stayed up late to watch the cowboy game last night and it was a good game, any football that takes me away from the net must be good. Thank god Tamra got her tooth fixed finally, The new union guy must be a rookie, Ive never seen them respond to an employee that was wanting to use insurance so fast, by the time the old union rep got around to helping you out you were already in the cemetary half in the ground.. I watched topgun again tonight dont ask me why but at 9:00 I cranked it up and I think the neighbors probably thought that they lived next door to a aircraft carrier, Pats watching this vin diesel manhunt movie, this movie sucks sucks sucks I would rather take beth to a drive in than watch this peice of crap movie. until next time im out. remember God gave you two hands so you could stock twice as fast.


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