Grocery Store Fun

Well I got to go see freddy vs jason and It was pretty good much better than the jason from outer space bullshit. Jason is a bad mother freddy had a hard ass time fighting him off he dont play around. I havent been to the movies in a long time so it was fun to get out. The only thing is that I went to grapevine mills man you should have seen all the damn kids out there I worked at northhills mall in 86 but it wasnt nothing like this there must have been about 1000 just hanging around. Come to think of it I hung around the mall too, the only difference is I knew people at chickfila and the theater and pizza place, since I worked at the gameroom I give them tokens they gave me food and movies a pretty good deal I think at least it was then, the only thing about it was getting used to working at challenges arcade with a pink bowtie, I think Ive still got it somewhere. Well tommorrow is a new adventure Tony is leaving and our new co is coming over, I dont know much about her but i hope shes not wacked out or something because I dont have much sense of adventure. I keep getting hooked up with brand new co's Im wondering if thats a plan because I have been sent 3 brand spanking new ones, why cant I get a seasoned veteran once in a while, Nothing against paschal, garcia,waters but it would be nice and cut down on some of the b.s. Ive got to deal with. Tony did a good job and if he would have been around a little longer we would have made him into a kroger badass. On a unrelated note I am in the process of applying the magic to the grocery department and it is going great. we have maintained awesome backroom conditions for a week which was previously unheard of...It wont be long now were moving in the right direction.


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