Grocery Store Fun

Well I think I have to say that Pakistan is not much different than here. The only difference is that you stand a greater chance of being kidnapped and ransomed off than you do here in the states. But all in all everyone always says that wherever they are is boring, I know I go places sometimes and say Damn this is boring but thats how it goes sometimes. I think we are having a good week everything so far is cruising right along no problems other than the usual dumbasses calling in sick and screwing everything up. I cant believe how stupid people are sometimes your only hurting yourself,, and your wallet. I dont care
If someone messes up the supply closets again after they are cleaned up I swear it will be time to get the uzi out and spray somebody! Hatcher what the hell is your problem call me if you dont mind or are you too good to hang out with the commoners anymore. Dont have much to say tonight just behind and trying to put something on here, oh yes I forgot i think I want to buy a ford lightning for my next truck that thing rocks but I dont think I want to work an extra job to pay for the insurance or the back brace when I wrap the damn thing around a tree at 100 mph. On second thought maybe I should stick to the accord as planned originally.


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