The next movie I saw today was the two towers refer to previous blog entry to read my review,, Ive got the dvd and it kicks ass..

Man some people are just too sensitive about being called JUSTY, jesus!

Not much else going on today my water heater did blow up and flood the house last week and that really sucked, It took about 10 hours to replace it, if not i would have had to have it installed at 400.00 no way im doing that.

I had a blowout with one of the employees today, this person flew away-- right over the edge, but she is not stable anyway so It wasnt my fault, if everyone else was saying shes lost it I would think it was me but nope its not. I wonder how the floral shop at 844 looks? I hear they got a new florist. I wonder if she is organized and cleaned up and building the business? surely by now its not rocket science now is it? I am stuck with my webpage I cant make the webcam upload to a public directory and the damn background html is not referring to the imbedded css just loading frontpage is making me crazy I want to fix it but after about 30 minutes im looking for my rifle and box of shells... and a ladder to get up to the watchtower too.

Nothing new in the game world right now but I did stop by thesite and talk to russ for awhile that was fun hes worse than I am about clinging to the history of videogames..someday kids are going to say what the hell is a atari? and ill say WHAT are you smoking crack you dont know. I think every computer should come with mame preinstalled on it.

Dont try the new bicardi raz now that tastes like douche,,, no I havent tried it but thats what I think it would taste like anyway!!!!!!!!!

Well thats enough fun for today back soon with somemore immature ravings/


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