Grocery Store Fun
Ok here I am Im back and a tad bit stressed out.. The boss is on vacation and there is a pile of shit to do. Plus on top of all that tonight was a full moon so the freaks were out. I had people looking for crazy ass stuff like pine nuts and fresh horse radish and chutney(by the way does anybody on this earth know what the hell chutney is?) Ive been around 19 years and dont have a clue. People always trip on the full moon its best to just ride it out and hope for the best. If you want to hear a bunch of walmart people bitching go to my site and click on the walmart section links, I spent 2 hours just reading about all the crap that happens to them rednecks at work everyday. I sat some papers down yesterday somewhere in that store and cant find the damn things, i even looked in the gobacks where your liable to find anything from a car to a handgrenade and they werent there, now tommorrow the poor kompass reset dude is going to have to magically produce them so I can get them posted, IVE TOLD YOU PEOPLE A THOUSAND TIMES NEVER EVER HAND ME ANYTHING ON THE SALES FLOOR, IF I SEE SOMETHING SHINY I GET DISTRACTED AND BAM THE SHITS LOST. HAPPENS EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN TIME NO MATTER WHAT. Ok I took my medication Im ok now. The boss kills me he tells me today dont be sitting in his office with my feet up on his desk, HOLY CRAP are you serious, I work 12 hours a day and I dont think putting my feet up on his desk was anywhere in my planner, especially on Sunday.. The boss has worked a couple of sundays and I think he scarred my people, they are demanding my eternal return to sunday mornings, I think they know we have a system and when someone just falls from the sky it freaks them out, Its kind of like going to the zoo and yelling at the animals, although one time when I was in junior high me and some of my friends gave the monkeys at the ft worth zoo some chewing tobacco, hmmm It made the monkeys drunk. now thats been many years ago but its still funny as hell. Somewhere theres a monkey thats sitting in a tree going I dont know about you but screw that Redman it made me dizzy. Do you have a webcam if so what do you do with it? I bought one a long time ago but no one else did, it says on the box you can teleconference with your friends set up a webcam, blah blah.
Ive set the webcam up but Im not sitting here all the time so what good is it. The wifes got a toothache, so I had this genius idea about january of last year drop her from dental because she never has any tooth problems. Damn now shes all jacked up this adventure will cost more than the money I saved by leaving her off. We left her off vision so now all I need is a meteor to come from space and put her eye out, and that will complete the bifecta. I swear to allah that if I get a case of Mrs. Tuckers shortening on the grocery truck that I will fill the frozen vault with water and shut the door. Dont mess with me boy I get revenge. Sarah thank god you updated your blog I was getting frustrated going there every day and nothing new although I dont have much room to talk oh yeah I think my first anniversary for my blog is coming up you ought to look back at the messed up year Ive had so far in my archives. I need to run gotta open booooooooo im not a morning person.. BUT tommorrow being payday Ill probably be up early I am tired of bologna sandwichs without the bologna. and flavored water, koolaid without sugar. Till next time laters.


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