Well today Im compelled to write in the blog, Ive got all the symptoms of diabetes it looks like, after all these years of being relatively healthy something finally caught up to me, anyway Ive got the doctors appointment tomorrow to get checked out. Im really not looking forward to all the crap youve got to do when you have this bullshit but I guess you do if you want to stay alive. Which by the way is at the top of my agenda. I guess its going to be time to burn some of that insurance ive been paying an arm and a leg for the last few years. Im going to take a vacation to sort all this crap out this week and see what I need to do. It was a really stressful week the past couple of weeks and the symptoms just started a few days ago, I need to slow down a couple of notches but thats hard to do. I need to try to do exactly as im supposed to do to treat it because I dont want nothing to do with needles thats not for me at all. Because my brother has nearly died from this a couple of times. Oh well not going to stress today Ill worry about that tommorrow I plan on going to the doctor tommorrow if possible Im at least going to find a way to test it and then ill figure out what im going to do.


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