Grocery Store Fun

Back to the blog I know its been a little while but its been crazy busy lately. Doctors appointments work stuff all the usual stuff, I miss my computer Ive got alot of stuff going on and ive already forgot half of what I was doing. I did however secure 2nd place on the google search list, out of all sites searched under mgrady Im second which is crazy since I dont really know crap about meta tags soooo if you visit the page from time to time thanks, also Im getting alot more hits lately Ill probably add a counter since its kinda taking off. Im off tommorrow and its about time Im just going to sit around the house and jam. I might run over to best buy and see if there are any new cds. Ive been using the apple itunes to download some music its only .99 a song or 9.99 an album so I bought a few from there just to check it out. Man the holidays are here again and its almost time to build the holiday displays, thats a beating Im going to have to figure something out for a plan or that will be some f up mess. This taking blood sugar everyday is wearing out my fingers they are sore Im going to have to start using the other hand for a while till these heal..If that backroom doesnt get fully worked tonight tommorrows going to be a bad day for someone, Im just getting tired of our low expectations because we dont want anyone to quit. I have higher standards and Im tired of having to expect less. If you cant step up then step out, If you cant do it right then maybe you need to be on someone elses team. Its frustrating dealing with people that suck. It reminds me of my first manager job in about 1992 when mr. lloyd called me back to the grocery manager office in the back of the store to chat about his conversation with one of the stockers who was pissed off. He told me that I wasnt going to get very far by telling people to get their finger out of their ass and stock the truck, if thats as fast as you stock then you got the wrong job, you suck , If thats the best you can do then your going to work on my aisle and stand there and pick up trash while I do the stocking, now I didnt actually do this next one but I thought I would share, mark a stocker I used to know he would hit the guy stocking with him with the box if he didnt stock case for case with him, that was funny at the time but not exactly a team builder. but anyway back to the story he said I needed to tone down a few notches which is good advice. Ive found over the years that you need to be steady and even if possible but sometimes youve got to just get pissed off to make some people listen. As some people have found out I give alot of leeway before you get on the crap list but once you arrive on there then thats it you produce or you leave. Chefsarah update your blog you are sadly behind, did you water today?


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