Water leaks no fun absoulutely, I got to dig the damn hole and when it was dug I couldnt finish the job, im not a plumber obviously but its good to know that if you need a plumber you can call rescue rooter and they charge by the inch. A ten inch section by the water meter was 284.00. no thats not a typo I was raped on the street in front of my house and nobody even saw it. I wish I could make 284.00 laying pipe hell I usually do it for free;) The neighbor was going to help but when he saw that there was mud he never came back over by the way he sucks. but anyway its fixed. Also this week my vacation is over the 6 i had are gone now (sad) but more are on the way in january. I think I want to go to my uncles cabin in big bear for the next one. Or maybe even vegas but I think I need to pay off some bills first so I dont get too far behind. Well im off to frys i need to replace a video card in my new computer so I can get it up before I go to work tommorrow. Why does he schedule me at 9 on my first day back that blows. Im ready to go though its the holidays time to make things happen.... till then laters


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