Another fun filled day of excitement and mayhem at the local food mart, I have to say my favorite question is when you are working your ass off and someone walks up to you and says, EXCUSE ME DO YOU WORK HERE? OH MY GOD no i was bored at home today and i decided to put on a shirt and tie and go to kroger and stock all day and carry out groceries but since im standing here I guess I can take a few minutes out of my busy day to help you find the item that is right behind where you are standing and im waiting for you to say that you have been down this aisle 3 times and didnt see it and if it would have been a snake it would have bit you. My favorite line of the day was when Ken said one of his cronies in the meat market escaped over the wall. LOL thats pretty good Ken. Man all the rookies come out during the holidays I wonder how they eat all year long as ignorant as some people are thanksgiving week. Its a little cold out tonight I had to get the keys out of the car barefooted that wasnt very fun.


Man, its been awhile since the last post lots of stuff has gone on just haven't had alot of time to put it up there...Fill the holiday stuff im already sick and tired of all the holiday foods after breaking my back building all the displays and cleaning the backroom im not in the humor to mess with much more b.s. The total for people fainting on my shift is now 2, the ambulance always winds up at the store when Im there for some reason..Got ripped by a customer yesterday for .20 you would have thought it was a million dollars he wanted to fight for some vanilla coke, as bad as that crap tastes we should pay him for it!! Well I'm off on thanksgiving this year that is a miracle that has never happened in history, im going to fry the turkey hopefully I wont burn the house down like that dumbass fireman did last year. Hmmm I think i better buy a fire ex just in case, and no Justin im not going to sprinkle baking soda on it when it catches fire I prefer not to have to have reconstructive skin surgery just to eat thanksgiving dinner..