As I sit here I just noticed the full moon outside the window. Im glad I didnt close tonight! Its a proven fact that the moon makes people stupid. That is stupid you might think but you would not in a million years believe what goes on at a grocery store on full moon, people just act bizarre and go off on the most stupid thing. The boss is working tonight by 10 he will be wondering what the hell is going on. Their is a large possibility that twice as much go-backs(grocery store talk for shit thats not where it goes) is everywhere all over the facility. I swear if your not going to buy it then LEAVE IT TO HELL ALONE its not an orphan dont take a bag of chips to the charcoal aisle and drop them off what the hell are you doing trying to decide if you have 2.00? Damn I'm kind of salty for 10:30 I think I need a hug.

Here is a pilot screenshot from the game. Its not me but I do fly the chopper alot Ive logged over 15 hours in the chopper so far. It has a T.v guided weapon There definitely is nothing more fun than this game. I cant wait till my next day off, I tried to hook up with Austin but it wont let you search for individual players on the servers.