Laugh are you serious hell yeah I laughed I was laughing before I even saw the second part where you said I did.. There is something about camel humor that I like. I have never been to dubai but I hear that it is a rich country and all that crap, well stealing peoples money will make you rich I guess. My favorite country that I want to go to is egypt. I am enamored with the pyramids and the ancient temples and stuff. I hope someday I get to go but I would probably have to kill some terrorists while im there and that would get messy. I am a mossad agent in my secret life. I was trained in an israeli army camp on the gaza strip to defend against terrorism and the suppresion of hamas sleeper cells at home and abroad. I also am an expert at disarming explosives and interrogation techniques. I know 10 languages and I am also ranked a master marksman with a mp5 and hk. Most of the time though I just stock groceries and answer stupid questions somehow I dont think Im fully utilizing all my skills at kroger.


Star Wars Galaxies

Wow read this review some people are waiting for this game like it was the next coming of christ. It doesnt look like this is something that Im going to spend money on it. Just go out and buy the d.o.d. mod that is worth the 29 dollars and youll get years of use out of it plus you should support the mod community so they can make some more games. I think counterstrike is coming soon and Ill put the review up here.