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Ma Deuce Gunner: "Just Try It, We Triple-Dog Dare You....

(HAT TIP: Patrick Al-Kafir)

Britain has got something genius. They have their hunters out.

'The covert armed units are under orders to shoot to kill if surveillance suggests that a terror suspect is carrying a bomb and he refuses to surrender if challenged.'

I think this is great. Anyone seen the movie 'After the Sunset'? In it, Pierce Brosnan's character, a retired jewel thief, trying to rid himself of the urge to steal the last Napoleon Diamond, tells the FBI Agent tracking him exactly how he would do it, therefore negating his chances of success. This, I believe, is the other side of the coin, in my sometimes disjointed thinking. Instead of the bad guy telling the good guy what they are doing, the Brits are saying this to the terrorists:

'We have a pretty good idea who you are, you buggers. We are watching you. Actually, you may or may not be in a set of crosshairs right now. So, you splodeydoper, walk the line, and make NO uncertain moves, especially if you are wearing a rucksack, and if you do not assume the position of 'Y', as in the Village People song, we will not hesitate to turn your head into a canoe, courtesy of one (or more, depending on our mood) of Her Majesty's Royal Armory 168gr 7.62X51mm Match bullets, or whatever be the cartridge of the day. So, be good, you militant islamofacsist terrorists, because Cecil, Basil, and Terrence can hit you from farther away than you think. Toodle'oo!!'

See, the English have it right. No charges, no trials, if you are in the act of attempting to commit mass murder by blowing yourself up in a public venue, they are going to stop you, by whatever means necessary, and then go have a pint. Period. Personally, I hope they kill a terrorist or two this fashion. I believe the message would resound further that way.

SCOUTS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

A reprint of a blog I found

Well the karma came true another cake order disaster. Currently about 3 times a day I have someone that didnt get the cake they wanted, sometimes Its fun just to wonder about what its going to look like when you get to the bakery, sometimes you just say WOW thats f'd up I wouldnt buy that. Last night the writing on the cake looked like johnny from the first grade was practicing his penmenship for extra credit, I will give reggie points because Happy Birthday was spelled correctly. The other amazing thing is that the lady expected there to be someone standing there waiting for her to come write on it in perfect penmenship in old english text I presume. When is the official full moon this month anyway? People arent supposed to act retarded up to the full moon just the day of.

The P>O>S car is in the shop this morning something to do with a fuseable wire thats connected to the alternator Im sick and tired of that car BUT its paid for and Im driving it till it wont drive no more. You can buy alot of stuff you dont need with that car payment money.

Battlefield 2 more more more I am going to play this thing like crazy today. I wonder if Austin is going to be on so we can squad up and commander. Its much more fun when you voicechat while playing it. Finally cheap ass Justin who buys shitty games like star wars galaxies bought battlefield 2 although he has a short attention span Ill bet he plays this one because he will want to try and level up. But the only thing is that getting rank on this game is a full time job. Just look at the hours Ive played already and you ll say Jesus when does Grady sleep.

Vacation for John is over today its about time. Not a damn thing extra got done this week I ordered resonable trucks but nothing extra, same hours used, when Im looking around the backroom it just makes me sick to see all the shit that needs to be done, when I know that if I did it that place would be the PINNACLE -Mike elliot refrence- Grocery managers are not what they used to be. In the old days a grocery manager was a stocking machine 100 cases an hour blew out trucks, the only problem was a special or two might get missed and maybe they couldnt make a bale! and were limited in what they knew about human resources. Now you cant expect any of the job to be done right and they only stock 20 or 30 cases an hour. You waste your time if you try to train someone thats SLOW AS HELL. its not a matter of knowing what to do its wanting to get off your ass and do it and have some pride in your job. Just typing this out pisses me off, many a time Ive got up at 2 in the morning and went to the store and just did it myself, but when It gets that bad then I tend to write you off because thats when I snap what the hell happend to having a little pride in your work.

Im not insane but when I think about people that wont step up to the plate and then drag down the whole crew it pisses me off. I try to downplay my accomplishments in this business but it means alot to me and makes me want to learn more when someone recognizes that you are one of the best in your position and they value your opinion I get calls all the time from people Ive worked with before and some that are referred asking my opinion etc. I love it I want to do anything I can to help someone make their job easier. Plus it gives me a chance to use what they know to make mine easier. Its hard not to put your hands on the stock and do it yourself but Im responsible for more than just one department and get paid to train and manage not sling freight. but I will tell you one thing if I were to go to the store right now and start pulling out shit and cleaning the backroom when you came in there tommorrow you would damn sure know I had been there.
Done enough bitching for one day.

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