There is one other thing that I forgot,, There is a great chance Dallas will get their asses handed to them tommorrow, they are due for an embarassment lets see what happens though.

Key Retailing certified first in the Southwest division hmm something to add to all the other firsts Ive had in the grocery business, what a wonderful thing and the perfect way to head to vacation hundreds of hours worked that you dont get paid for all to say your the best at something most people dont see the payoff but once you get it done its like a drug. We are the first and volunteered to step up to the plate. Cmon Justin I taught you better than that get it done if your going to be a sith apprentice you have to show a little more spunk.

Ryans birthday tommorrow for some reason they all are calling him peaches... Im glad they just called me Grady or Maddog ie My initials M D Grady Peaches though that would have made me a lot more pissed at the world. Happy 13th birthday Ryan. I guess tommorrow the party will kick in and we will see what all happens. I think I may barbecue again since the weather is nice all day.

I dont think anything else is going on I think the car needs window tint but Im going to wait for that. I would put a cd player in it but the ipod shuffle works just fine with the cass adapter. Time to go play catch with the dog shes playing soccer by herself with a tide jug full of rocks right now thats usually a hint.


Dallas finally played a game like they are capable of and whipped the eagles ass. Oh yes just as I predicted I should have took Rodericks money but I showed him some mercy. John on the other hand I had to give some grief to because the eagles may get their crap together and win the rest of the games...

Just heard that my brother is back in the u.s. and coming home soon from Iraq Hoo Ra!